Can ERPNext work for us?

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We paid a company in South Africa to install an ERP system for our company and after more than a year we could not get them to install the system. I searched the internet for alternative ERP system and found ERPNext. I played with it for a day or two and found that it relative easy to use. I need some guidance to see if system could work for our company. We are manufacturing Industrial yarns and Fabrics, so detail very crucial. The one major problem i think i will have is that we barcode each unit currently with a different number, something like a different item number for each box, pallet or roll we manufacture or i think in ERPNext like a serial number for each item made. We also have allot of attributes for each product code: Tex, Ply, Packaging, Machine . . .

We also use a scale to weigh each unit to get Nett weight as we sell most of our products in Kg. Then we have a wireless barcode scanner to scan each unit until kg ordered by customer meets kilograms of all units scanned.

Please let me know if i could do something to use ERPNext for our company.

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Hi Albertus! I can say that you came to the right place :slight_smile: Yes! ERPNext suits your need. ERPNext has a module for manufacturing.


not 100% sure wether barcode scannig is actually there in ERPNext yet? can soneone @johnskywalker comment in that?

We are able to implement barcode scanning with ERPNext to our clients. Not just scanning, even printing. But for printing I believe it will need extra customization like what we did.

Hi john

Can ERPNext do the following:

I have a product 1100/1 Cotton OE on bobbins.
I pack 18 bobbins in a box and 150 bobbins on a pallet.
Each unit like box/pallet must be bar coded with a Nett weight and product code.
Units like box or pallet are send to customer where they order a total weight for a product.

Is there a way to bar code each unit packed incrementally? instead of a product to have basic bar code?

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Albertus Geyser

Were are you from? I am from South Africa.

?‘able to implement’ does not sound as if it was there.

who is ‘we’ in your sentence

You can actually just plug your usb barcode and scan. There’s no magic to that its a common thing nowadays :smiley:

and how exactly does it go into ERPNext? copy’n’paste from the scanners software?


I try to explain the best i can, but not sure you fully understand my problem yet.
In ERPNext your barcode field is located under item, but i need a barcode per box or pallet we pack.
Company wants tractability on each box or pallet packed and not only a total items available.

Is this possible?

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@vrms Barcode scanner input is read by a computer the same way as keyboard input. the line items in erpnext have a barcode field on the top, so if you open a line item, and use the scanner, it will populate the field.

As far as @Albertus’ question goes though, it seems like he is more interested in printing barcodes rather than reading them.

Edit: Actually it looks like both.

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so what you’d need is something like a batch number (which then comes from a barcode), right?

without really haven’t looked into it the logic of batches exist in erpnext, doesn’t it? if that ia so you could (if it wouldn’t exist by default) make a custom field in the ‘batch’.

What may turn out tricke may be a hierarchy or nesting (items in box (batch) on a pallet(larger batch of batches), etc)

Hello, @Albertus! Erpnext actually has a Repack feature under Stock Entry. What you can do for this scenario is repack the bobbins received into boxes or pallets. And you can also create a barcode for the repacked items. :slight_smile: This will require a bit of customization but it is completely doable.



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can this also nest

bobbins in boxes on pallets?

@vrms, well, if you really have an item which just happens to be bobbins in boxes on pallets, then why not? It all depends on whether you actually need it or not. You can create a Variant of the Bobbins item you can call “Packaging” for example. And under this variant you can have the Pallets in a box, the Bobbins in a box, and the Boxes on Pallets. Each of these variants, I believe, can have a unique batch number assigned to each of them.

If you’re asking about Repacking in Stock Entry - again, it depends on how you set up your Items. Depending on how you set it up, it MIGHT be possible. Just make sure your source Items and repacked items are correct.

If I haven’t been detailed enough, please do tell. I can provide you with links to the manual if you need it. Thanks!


Your case can be handled with a few custom fields. Like mentioned earlier by others.