Can ERPNext work on MariaDb Server with different port?

I setup db cluster with keepalive and HAProxy using cluster control software and could not get bench mariadb to work. By default cluster control HAProxy used port 3307 for read and write so when i add db_port to my common_site_config and try bench mariadb i get error but when i change the port to 3306 (mysql default port) it work.

does ERPNext hard code the port in app or the bench mariadb command?

The port for MariaDB/MySQL can definitely be specified in sites/common_site_config.json. In my example below, Iā€™m connecting to a server on 3313, instead of the default 3306.

May want to double-check that your credentials are okay?

 "auto_update": false,
 "background_workers": 1,
 "db_host": "",
 "db_port": 3313,


 "shallow_clone": false,
 "socketio_port": 9000,
 "webserver_port": 8003
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