Can I add card swipeing machine for POS with ERP NEXT?

Hey I want to add a card swiping machine with erpnext for pos ? After the payment from card is success then the order will marked as success automatically and printer will print the receipt

Please read PCI DSS requirements before trying to develop your app.

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Is their any inbuilt option for that?

Not at this time.

The required security measures in different parts of the world make it quite difficult to create a single app that would support a world wide product like ERPNext. Each region of the world has both different security requirements and penalties for not meeting those requirements as well.

Hope this helps.


If you do pursue an integration, in addition to looking at fees when considering processors, it’s best to go with a processor that’s Level 1 PCI Compliant. Their card readers will take care of most of the heavy lifting as far as compliance goes, and most will either ensure or help you ensure your compliance. And this group tends to have good APIs to integrate their equipment, which is something else to consider when choosing a processor.

There are providers that include proxies to their payment devices. If you can gain access to one of those providers, and develop a module specific to calling the endpoint(s) to initiate a transaction, you could theoretically provide chip-based transactions from a payment device (e.g. a Vx805, etc.) instead of other means where it’s swipe-only.