Can I add more Permissions?

Is it possible to add more Permissions to a particular Doctype in Role Permissions Manager? Say I want to add 1 more Permission type to DocType “Contact” only.

How can I do this please?


The way I look at this, the “Add a new rule” should do this ? But I assume you have tried that and it is
not what you are wanting? If “Add a new rule” is not helping you the perhaps you could just add
more info to clarify your requirement.

Thank you for your reply.

The following two graphics should show what I’m trying to achieve.

I added a Custom Field to Core DocType “Custom DocPerm” via Customise Form.

This field “view_by_reports_to” can be found in JS variable “d”

So I need to modify “something” to make this variable “view_by_reports_to” show up like this:

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 3.06.03 PM

I studied Client Script, which I don’t think it will work in Role Permissions Manager page because Client Script only work on DocType’s form. Server Script doesn’t seem to be the right place as this is the front end modification.

I don’t think I must edit permission_manager.js because it will break in future Frappe update.

Any idea?