Can I add one item into two groups

I have two Groups Products and Electronics
now can I add an Item ex: computer into to groups (Products and Electronics)
please help me if its possible to do it in any way,

You need to create two items!

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Mr. @saurabh6790 thanks for replying

so what to do if I one item belongs to more than two Group
like Iphone X, which belongs to Electronics and Mobile phons
please let me know if is there any way

You can create a custom field “groups” of type “Table” in DocType Item that contains links to Item Group. That will allow you to make multiple links.

An easy alternative is to use Tags (less structured though).

Hope this helps.

Thanks @lasalesi
I’ll try Tags

Dear @lasalesi
can you please help me how to use tage to get the solution ?
I have created category named Category1 and two tags named Tag1, Tag2, doctype to asign to I have selected item
then how to add an item in Tag1 and Tag2

Hi @zia,

I meant the tags on the left (no customization required):

You can easily filter for this from the list view:

Hope this helps.

My problem is; I want to show one product into multi-pal section of web page