Can I Assign A Supplier To A Bank Entry? Or Best Workflow

Hello! :slight_smile:
Still getting my head around how ERPNext works, it’s confusing at the beginning but things starting to make some sense now!

I’m a lil bit confused though, I’ve figured out I can use a Journal Entry to input expenses. Like I paid £31 for access to a CSV sheet of data to use in my program, and my current process is:

Import Bank Transaction
Go into bank transaction and add a Journal Entry to that, debit the expense account and credit the bank account used to pay it (via debit card)

That works fine - but then there’s no record of the company I paid for this CSV file?

Is there anyway I can associate a payment with a company?

I looked into Payment Entries - which seemed like it would be suitable but if I’m correct, you need to make an associated Purchase Invoice for that, right?

I don’t mind doing that - but is that how it is supposed to be done in ERPNext? The Purchase Invoice is just for my internal reference right? The company invoices me via email/PDF so I don’t need to send them anything.

Is the “Supplier” doctype meant for this type of contact as well? I think I’m getting a bit confused because from what I’ve read the supplier is meant for direct expenses for items you use in manufacturing/items to sell on, but I am primarily a service based business, so the “supplier” in this instance would just be someone I bought something off, whether it be a software license, or some useful information.

Any help is greatly appreciated once more :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the effort this community puts into it’s project, once I’m up to speed, I’d love to help contribute towards some documentation :smiley: