Can I check all tasks, events, sales orders for all users in calendar?

is it possible in erpnext for administrator to open the calendar and see all users event’s sales orders and tasks in the calendar ?
all user’s calendars

hi, unfortunately I don’t think that it’s possible

how i knows in crm that agent is take care of leads conversion for example
i need to know if we can’t each leads today and then we scheduled recall in next day
i need to monitor this events !!

Hi @fatheyabdelslam,

you could consider setting up an SQL report that reads out the data directly from the database. That would give you the required monitoring capability. Something like

SELECT * FROM `tabEvent`

Monitoring of your sales team is easier with a normal report on leads, … Important of course that there is a comment whenever there is a follow-up… But that is more a topic if discipline rather than system :wink:

Hope this helps…

thank you for helping me
but why such simple thing with this difficult actually i don’t know how to setting up SQL report but i;ll search for it
and i think this should be easier like this for example

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There is a new feature in v10 that allows you to setup and config a Calendar view for any doctype you require.

This would allow you to see info about Leads I would presume.

I’m not sure how many doc types at the same time you can use with a Calendar view however.

I’ve just tried this and you can use a calendar view for leads. But this is per doc type.

You may be able to combine a few doc types with some custom fields or code and then base a Calendar view on this

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thank you for your replay and tring to help me
but i my opinion i this this should be easier than this

Yes this should be easier. That said if you have a lot of doctypes on a single calendar it can be overwhelming with too much data sometimes


I agree that there is potential to increase the visibility on the sales cycle. This could be a Kanban board throught the sales cycle (Lead, Opportunity, Quotation, Sales Order) or other tools. Could be resolved with an app and later integrated into the core if it is found valuable…

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