Can I configure a few ITEMS that can be sold by only 1 user?

I have a sales rep that sells several different items that I do not want the rest of the sales force to have access to for sales. I believe it affects only about 4 or 5 items. He uses them in his selling of some machines. They are things like mounting bolts, mounting plates, drill templates, etc. We do not want any of the other sales reps to start trying to sell and install these machines. We have only one person qualified and certified to do that and I want him to be the only one able to have access to sell these items.

What can I use in ERPNext to help me limit those items to only one sales rep, even though they will be in the warehouse inventory that everyone sells from?

Running version 10.0.13 production


I can only think of work-arounds :slight_smile:
Create a POS profile and give access to product groups?

You know what… I think that is probably the simplest way to accomplish that. Thank you. I was totally over-thinking the problem.

Thanks :star_struck:


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