Can I connect an existing database on another server to an ERPNext site deployed on another server?

Connecting remote database is clear to me. If I already have an existing database, can I connect that to the newly created site on another server?

Are you asking if you can load the data from the old site into the new one, like a migration or backup restore? Or are you trying to run two sites off of one database at the same time?

I have created a site to a machine that is similar to another site hosted on another machine. I want to use the same database that the previous site was using with my new site. How can I achieve that?

you mean, you want to use erpnext database in another website?

You can say it like this. Basically, I have my own custom apps. I just want to have the same database for two Frappe instances (with custom apps) running on two different machines

You can connect with any of the framework using database credential.
which technology you are using?

I am using Mariadb on a bare metal machine.

You can connect with any of the framework using erpnext database credential.

Just to confirm your question (as I also question this):
You want to connect 2 sites (in 2 different servers) to 1 database, right?

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You want to connect single database with 2 different servers. am I right ?

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For me, yes.
My (simplified) case is this:

  • there is a server that is used by people group A.
  • then there is a server used by group B. This server has customization.

Both servers should have and process the same data.

Yes, so this is simple, in both server you can feed same database detail means configure both server with same database detail, so that both server can communicate with single database.

It might be theoretically possible to have two sites using the same database, but I can think of a lot of different ways that it could go wrong. I’m not really seeing the utility here, above and beyond a single site.

I was watching this video last night. The process is very simple. Maybe this can assist you. Developer has given the commands you can use to connect remotely. As @peterg said anything can go wrong. I guess both instances should have exactly same version and apps. It should be 100% same to exactly same fields. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

Yes. Exactly!

Yes that’s what I want