Can I Create 2 Salary Slip For 1 Employee Anyhow?

I need to create 2 salary slip for every employee but it’s not possible now. But anyhow is it possible? In 2 salary slip I will use 2 different base amount. Or can I duplicate salary slip doctype to generate another salary slip?

Thanks in advance.

Do you want to create 2 slips for the same employee for the same period? Then it is not possible. You can create multiple salary slips with different or same amounts for the same employee for different time periods only.

Hope this helps.

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Yeah I want to create 2 slips for same employee. I have 2 base amounts like bank+cash and bank. So i wrote formula when bank+cash=1 then calculate “base = bank+cash” when 0 then only “base= bank”. and it’s working fine. The problem is i need to create two salary slip one for bank as base amount and another for bank + cash as base amount. So can i create copy salary slip doctype? then i can save bank salary slip to copy doctype and bank + cash salary slip in main doctype.