Can I create product masters like source, size (range), thickness, color, etc...?

Can I create product masters like source, size (range), thickness, color, etc… and use them in registering a product into the system?

hi @yona: welcome to the ERPNext forum

it’s not clear from your question what you actually want to achieve. The terms size (range), thickness, color smell like attributes & variants of ‘items’ (what you call ‘product’ in your Topic)

Also I’d recommend to become familiar with ERPNext specific terminology which makes getting around here in the forum more likely to be successful.

I.e. there is no such think like product in ERPNext. It’s called item. So if you use the term item you spare everybody the interpretation of your question which, in my eyes, makes it more likely that people will respond. Also it manifests the specific ERPNext terminology on the whole which helps in terms of clarity

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Hi @vrms,

We are a leather tanning business. As you may know in a leather tanning industry, there are two major item groups to deal with: leather and chemical. When you make leather, there is leather master, color master, size master, origin master, thickness master, and so on. For the chemicals, say you have a brand master, chemical type master, and most importantly a chemical process master. For the chemical process master you have to define process ingredient for each workstation.

So, my question is how to make such a system using ERPNext and it it possible to inherit the main Item of the system and create and item like leather and chemical? Is there any way to make an assortment at each store location / workstation?

what’s your definition of "master" in this context?

Hey @yona, please take a moment to read about Item Variants because it sounds like its what you’re looking for. A schema could be something like: Animal Species-Vegetable/Chrome-Color-Size, with more Attributes added as needed to describe your product.

As Gunnar @vrms is alluding to, in ERPNext an “Item Master” is a concept that represents that Item in the abstract, not in its specific instance: “I have 400 count of Widget #5 in the warehouse called ‘Stores’.” An Item or Item Master is the document that describes Widget #5. We use Item Master in the jargon here to distinguish the abstract Item from the specific Item. Your use of “Master” in this context is a red herring for us, because its not the terminology we’re used to.

The other thing I’d recommend you look at is the UOM conversions - I would think you want to be selling processed hides based on their size in sq inches or sq cm/m. This does not convert to “one animal’s hide” very well - that is an unknown quantity. So one way to do that is at add another item attribute that describes the area of the specific hide in your preferred UOM.