Can I create same batch ID for different Items in Batch doctype

Can i create batch Id same for different items, as system is not allowing me do so

Hi @Prabhas_Chakraborty,

Batch IDs are typically used to uniquely identify a group of items that share the same characteristics, such as the same production run or expiration date. Creating the same batch ID for different items can lead to confusion and errors in stock management or stock ledger/balance.

The system enforces unique batch IDs for each item to ensure data integrity and prevent data entry errors. If the system is not allowing you to create the same batch ID for different items, it is likely a design feature to prevent these issues from occurring.

If you need to group items together for some purpose, you may consider using a different identifier that does not conflict with the batch ID, such as a production lot number or a custom field. Alternatively, you can create multiple batch IDs with similar names or use a prefix or suffix to differentiate them.

Format like:
Batch No - Item Code/Name


I hope this helps.

Thank You!

@NCP thanks for the Explanation.
I also think about the same approach as you have mention above.