Can I customize my ERPNext website pages for different users?

I’m unable to customize or set different homepage or pages for different users on ERPNext website
Please Help me out As soon as possible

Hi, @Shubham_Prabhat
What is the error that you are facing can you explain in more detail.

Thank you

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Actually, I have 6 different user roles in ERPNext

Sales User
Sales Manager
Purchase Manager
Account Manager
System Manager

I want each user to have a different homepage with a unique user interface when they log into my website
Can this be done?

I would be very thankful if someone could help me.

Could someone please help me? I would be very grateful

Hi, @Shubham_Prabhat
Now, Login as administrator and go to the user list and Click on the name of the user role that you want to set a custom homepage. On the user role page scroll down to home settings section, from there you can now set for that user a custom home page.

Hope this will help you out.

Thank you.

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Actually, there’s no Home Setting in the user profile

I see there is a setting in settings per role.
When editing a role in V14 at the top there is a setting “Home Page”
The help text = Route: Example “/desk”

I’ve tried several iterations of the route or path to set the role based home page.
I created a user with the single role yet I’m unable to get the user’s home page to change.