Can I hide modules from desk?

Is it possible if i can hide several modules from employees role like Settings, Accounting from desk?


Yes, you can. Remove unnecessary permissions of Employee role.
But make sure it will not disturb default operations of Employee Role.

Check → Role Based Permissions

Hi @Sangram,

Can you please provide me any example. I did tried it but the desktop modules are still visible.


Hi @rogger
If you just want to hide or remove Desktop modules/Icons. Go to the respective User settings (User Form). There you can find ALLOW DESKTOP ICON section, where you can manage desktop icons. See below Screenshot (frappe Version - v11.1.30 (master))

But if you want to remove full access for a particular module then go for Role & Permission

Thanks @Sangram. Can you please also guide me a bit via screenshot of Role & Permission. I want to disable some modules for all employees. So I think I should go to Role & Permission way.


  1. go to the user settings.
  2. select the user to change permissions
  3. go to Allow modules section
  4. check/uncheck the modules you want to display to user
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@parth_agrawal I have a team plus the employees are continuously growing. Can I disable some modules for a user role by default instead of disabling them for each user.


Maybe create a duplicate of role Employee and rearrange the permissions as what you need and assign this duplicate role as basic to all employee?