Can i install hrms app in my own custom app without installing erpnext . please if its possible can i get your support?

can i install hrms app in my own custom app without installing erpnext . please if its possible can i get your support?

You need to still install erpnext as it has high dependency on the core.

i need only hrms to my custom app can i?

HR and Payroll need, modules like Accounting, Projects which are part of ERPNext as of now.
So you need ERPNext.
Moreover HRMS at the moment is still not released with stable release. In future frappe might carve out HR specific accounting and club those to HRMS.

I tried installing HRMS alone but it did not work.

errrr no… HRMS module is considered stable by us and continuously getter better. That’s why it was removed from the core into a separate app.

New apps don’t necessarily follow the same versioning practice as frappe/erpnext.


I understand apps don’t necessarily need to follow the same versioning.
On the other hand the develop branch of HRMS is constantly undergoing changes.
When this thread was posted, I did not find any stable release published by frappe like v0.1 or so.
As a layman people wouldn’t consider something on the develop branch as stable release…

Without deviating the post’s intention, at present HRMS cannot run without ERPNext. We are positive that Frappe would come with some official standalone HRMS release(without ERPNext) for people like @Sintayehu_shibeshi and I :slight_smile:


I think your characterization based on the versioning / branches is correct and I think the assumption that Frappe-published Frappe-framework-based-apps should follow the same branch conventions as Frappe/ ERPNext is entirely reasonable. HRMS doesn’t have a ‘release’ / ‘production’ / ‘version-14’ branch that would indicate it’s stable, only ‘develop’. Personally, I do consider it stable and appropriate for V14 installations.


But in FCloud it is possible. I need this solution I am just gambling with remove modules from erpnext to only remain with accounts

Have you found anyway ? Any possibilty of installing only HRMS and excluding ERPNext modules similar to FCloud of FrappeHR?

FrappeHR on frappecloud also backed by ERPNext as it’s a mandatory requirement.

When you sign up for frappe HR on the frappeHR site, only the hr module is seen. Am assuming the rest of the modules are hidden from the admin user.

Hello, after some time, I have managed to remove all unnecessary modules from ERPnext. And I have hrms installed without the overwhelming modules from ERPNext. I will be sharing the git URL in time


For your reference