Can I legally provide ERPNext services/integration/hosting locally and get paid for that?

I like ERPNext, and I cannot find the answer I am looking for.
Is it possible to provide server hosting/implementation/customization etc., without having to buy ERPNext? With unlimited users?
And can you please tell me what are the pricing per users on ERPNext website for? Is it just for hosting on ERPNext’s servers?
Or I can host on my servers and provide services to the clients locally in Pakistan without having to pay for anything?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


Yes… including functional support and automatic updates

Yes… but you would be much better off making voluntary contributions back to the product both in financial terms and in code (bug-fixes, features). Also consider the fact that you can still provide client services and have them hosted on the ERPNext cloud. That way, you get commissions from ERPNext and don’t have to bother about maintaining servers and dealing with updates, the client gets reliable hosting and maintenance services from the core ERPNext team, and the ERPNext team gets some extra $$$ to sustain operations and fund development

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Thank you for the fast reply @wale.
For now, I’ll be providing the services to our clients locally, but once we get a grip of it all, we will be gladly getting functional support & your server hostings later on.

Would do it the opposite …start using the Frappe/Erpnext hosting…and later once you get grip of it all consider becoming a local hosting provider :slight_smile: