Can I limit or block "Additional Discount" on sales orders and sales invoices? (v10)

I attempting to help another user here I have stumbled around looking for a way to not allow or limit the amount allowed in the “Additional Discount” section for sales invoices and sales orders.

This Additional Discount does not seem to pay any attention to max discounts on individual items (and that sort of makes sense) but then I would hope there is a way to r limit the additional discount application.

Has anyone else done this?


You’re calculating discounts now with a pricing rule?
Is the problem that the users are using it and you would prefer they didn’t?
If you want a programmatic way to limit it, that’s a custom script but isn’t hard to implement.
If you think there should be a per-company/ per-customer/ per-supplier limit on this, that sounds like it would be a handy extension to the core.

No. Not using a pricing rule.
Just want to set a max limit for the “Additional Discount” field in the sales invoice. Users can take advantage of this to discount the entire invoice by any amount they want. I would prefer to either limit this or block it.

Items can be controlled on a line item basis using the “Max Discount” filed in Item. Just wondering if there is a similar thing for “Additional Discount” on sales invoice or if there might be some other simple method of accomplishing this?


This is “business logic” - that amount would vary from business to business, if you want to set it, you’d need to expose a variable for it.
If you have a number in mind, I’d propose a custom script to make it happen and solve the error.
If you want more flexibility or approvals you may be able to solve this with a custom Workflow.
If you want it to be global, I’d propose adding a field to selling settings and then adding validation logic.
Having listed all those options, the custom Workflow sounds like the best solution.

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