Can I make a duplicate Stock Entry doctype and name it differently?

I have a need for 2 different versions of Stock Entry.

  • One version to handle mostly Warehouse to Warehouse transfers
  • And a Second version to handle mostly Manufacturing specific transfers.

The Stock Entry doc type contains within itself the “Stock Entry Detail” form. It is more specifically this form that I want 2 different versions. However, it appears that in order to use 2 different versions of this form I would first need an alternate version of Stock Entry.

… You can stop me here if I am headed down the wrong path…

In the first version of the Stock Entry Detail form I need to have columns for:

  • Barcode
  • Item Code
  • Item Description
  • Item Name filed
  • Quantity

In the second version of the Stock Entry Detail form (for manufacturing work) I need:

  • Item Code
  • Source Warehouse
  • Target Warehouse
  • Item Name
  • Quantity

The Stock Entry Detail form is very low on screen real estate. You are limited in how much you can get across the table. There is not enough room to add all of these columns into a single form. The only thing I could think of was to have a complete second version of Stock Entry that performs the exact same functions but with different Stock Entry Detail forms embedded.

So I guess my questions are:

  • Is this possible?
  • What would be involved in making and renaming both the Stock Entry doctype and the Stock Entry Detail form?
  • Would I be able to give this second version of Stock Entry it’s own icon on the desk?
  • Is there an easy or straight forward way to do this?
  • Has someone already done this?!?

Looking for a way to get to my goal of enough “visible” columns in the detail form.


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Unfortunately this is not possible to duplicate doctype.

Duplicating just the DocType won’t help. You’ll have to also copy the file contents and paste those in the respective files of the new DocType that you created. Even that won’t do the cut. Because there’s also Stock Controller that performs a lot of actions and Stock Entry has been hard coded at multiple points.

So, overall it’d require a lot of changes and some at places that can break the system if not carefully done.

Would it be easier to just alter the “Stock Entry Detail” to handle more columns across?