Can I make payment from Travel Request in v11?

Hi all,
I noticed a new feature in v11 called Travel Request
For now, how it works is that I can only save travel request and thats it. There is not option to submit it.
I tried to look at permissions thought perhaps there is a permission for submitting that need to be enabled, but it is not there.
Is there a possibility of linking Travel request to other doctypes?

So that for example, after I save travel request, I then submit it and create expense claims or journal entry or payment entry or some sort of accounting entries from it?

like on how it is on other doctypes.
From expense claims =>> I can make payment
From sales invoice =>> I can make payment
From sales order =>> I can make invoice
From timesheet =>> I can make Invoice and so on

Was hoping from travel request =>> I can make payment

For now we do it manually. we create Travel request, after saving it, it remains in saved state. Then we go to create a new payment entry for the travel request. We have not found direct way to make some accounting entries from Travel request
If there is a way for this, how can I do it?
I’m running
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v11.1.16 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.16 (master)

Help anyone?
wondering why is Travel Request there if I can’t link it to other documents

Hello, is there some news about it?