Can i make price depends on BOM and Operations

Hi every one
i use materials to assembly my products but about every month material got changing in it’s price i used to calculate my price every order but now i’m using erpnext can i make item price increase or decreasing with material price ?

Are you looking for this What is Valuation Rate calculated for an Item with default BoM??

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i kindly thank you for trying to help me but this not what i mean
i mean for example i made a mobile production and it’s BOM is Screen and body
bot material cost 20$ and production process cost 5$ and my profit is 5$ so i’ll sell the phone 30$
one day the screen and body increased to be 25$ so i want the phone price become 35$

What should then happen to the phone you produced at $30 and you have 1000 pieces in stock?

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I don’t think ERPNext has an automatic minimum margin, if that’s what you’re looking for. Different units with different pricing should probably have different model numbers even if they’re actually hardware-identical. You can probably set a custom job to reset prices based on the current BOM every night, if that’s the way you price. You can use an average pricing based on inventory on-hand, or just set it to the highest tier and watch the profits roll in.

i think they should increased it’s price too