Can I possibly Install ERPNext on VPS?

Hi, I just recently discovered ERPNext platform. Wanted to ask if I can deploy to my VPS Server.




Welcome @syntaxbyte !

Just any VPS with required specs can be used to deploy. They lets you install Ubuntu, CentOS, etc … so I can’t see any problem. Note that ERPNext / Frappe has some requirements to work (Node, NGINX, MariaDB, Redis, etc …). If you are using the server to host other apps, check potential interferences between them. Docker approach could be interesting too …

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. I will look into it.

Am actually using it WHM. Hope it works out.

I’ll give feedback here. Thanks again

Is this barebone vps or a shared web hosting space?

Make sure to use kvm based vps and not shared web hosting.

Erpnext cannot be installed on shared webhosting.

If you used whm default installation then it must be using Apache which will conflict with nginx needed for erpnext.


Well am not really sure. I will confirm that from my host