Can I push the local changes

Hello all
I made some changes in file for resolving timezone problem
by replacing the flowing code my order sync problem is solved

def get_filtering_condition():
shopify_settings = get_shopify_settings()
if shopify_settings.last_sync_datetime:

	last_sync_datetime = get_datetime(shopify_settings.last_sync_datetime)
	timezone = pytz.timezone(get_time_zone())
	timezone_abbr = timezone.localize(last_sync_datetime, is_dst=False)

	utc_dt = timezone_abbr.astimezone (pytz.utc)
	return 'updated_at_min="{0}"'.format(utc_dt.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"))

return ''

now when I update, it asking me to commit the local changes or stash it.

  • ERPnex is in production mode
  • I’m in a remote server
  • I don’t have a git repository to pull and push.
    in this case how to create git repository to allow me to pull and push.

please let me know the solution.

Assuming you have a GitHub account, simply fork the ERPNext repo from Frappe’s repository and then push the changes into your repository. Once this is done, you can create a Pull Request to have your changes merged into the main repo.

PS: it is always best to create a separate git branch and make the changes there rather than doing so on the master branch.