Can I put multiple currencies into one account on ERPnext?

hello , I am facing a problem ,I was told to put multiple currencies(probably just two currencies) in one account instead of making a new account and link it to the parent account , so that when I make journal entry I can specify in which currency would the customer want to make their payment .
So please help me … Is there a way to do this like (customizing or on client scripting) or is it impossible to do so ?

thanks in advance.

Currently, ERPNext doesn’t support adding multiple currencies to the same account. You can only assign one currency to an account at a time.

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On the same note, does anybody have any idea how to transact with a supplier in multiple currencies?

Create currency wise supplier :
Supplier A (USD)
Supplier A (GBP)

These articles might help you:

I don’t see any point here as this creates many mıore issues:

  • you cannot define 2 suppliers with same Tax ID
  • how can you consolidate this into a single company? Maybe setting a group for the company and creating separate accounts in terms of currencies under this group? What if this is not allowed?

Apart from this, I don’t see any feasible option currently available in ERPNext for this requirement.

In ideal scenario, billing currency should be one, but you can receive or make payment in different currency. This is the approach which most of the clients follow.