Can I "Reverse" a Material Transfer for Manufacturing?

I created a Production Order, and it in turn created a “Material Transfer for Manufacturing” which I approved. When the manufacturing person went to the workstation to make product, the work station was broken. The repair time was to be 3 weeks.

I “Canceled” the Production Order.

Now three weeks later when the workstation is fixed, I recreate the Production Order which is given the assignment PRO-00765-1 (essentially the second edition of the original Production Order). This version of the Production Order also creates a Material Transfer for Manufacturing which I again approve.

The product is made and moved to inventory to be sold.

Now I have a Material Transfer for Manufacturing that is completed but linked to a Canceled Production Order. So it generates a RED circle on the Stock Icon. When you click on the RED circle it lists just this Completed Material Transfer for Manufacturing. Since it is a real transfer that was completed, how can I reverse this and clear the “Pending” status that keeps it showing up as a RED circle on the Stock Icon?

This would likely mean reversing the transfer from 3 weeks ago. The question becomes how to do this with a linked transfer like this one so it clears the RED alert circle?

Any ideas?

This was obviously a human error in using the system. The original Production Order should have been left open, but it is too late for that now.


Still stuck on this. I have been brainstorming how to clear this up and I am not making any progress.

Hoping someone will see this that has been through something similar. Otherwise I am stuck with an error circle that will not clear out.

:confounded: :worried:


Yeah, this is the second problem I have run into with Production Orders and This has also caused a nightmare because I cannot se a way to clear the Pending state.


it you have direct access to the DB, you can link MT with the 2nd version of Manufacturing.

i believe stock balance and inventory is fine in this case. just a linking issue.

let me know if you need exact field to replace with what.

What is the 2nd version of Manufacturing? Not sure I understand that. I can use any number of tools to access the MariaDB and execute SQL commands. Just not sure what another version of Manufacturing has to do with it.

As long as I can do something to reverse the MT it should be fine.


i’m talking about the 2nd edition of Orignal Production Order.

just un-link the MT from original and link with this one by editing DB.

Ahh… now that would make sense. The only problem is that the second version of the Production Order already had a second MT done at the time of creation and the second Production Order was actually completed with new product moved to Finished Goods.

So, I am not sure the first MT can now be linked to the second Prod Order because the second Prod Order is already completed. That still leaves the first MT (now associated to a canceled Prod Order) stuck in WIP location and caused the “Pending” state.

So do yo think there is still a way to do this?


Yes there is always a way to fix a problem.

if you are ok to delete the Canceled Production Order( currently you cannot delete it coz 2nd Pro. Order is linked with this)
to delete this, you need to unlink the 2nd production order which will allow you to delete canceled. once deleted, you can cancel or delete the MT as well.

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Perfect! How might I go about unlinking the the second Production Order?

  • Would that be a direct SQL command?
  • Would I need to apt-get some specific SQL command line package in order to run it on the server?

The problem exist on a live production server, but I can make a copy of it on one of my test servers to experiment with the process. Point me in the right direction and lets see how this works out!


it’s always a good way to try anything new on test server first.

i can write exact query for you if you can share the screen shot of Production orders ( PRO-00765-1 ) where it shows “Amended From”.

you just need to set that field null for that specific record.

PRO-00766-1 is the Production Order that was completed using STE-03270 as the Material Transfer for Manufacturing, and STE-03271 as the Manufacture transfer of the finished product to stock.

PRO-0766 is the Production Order that was canceled, but it already had STE-03268 as the Material Transfer for Manufacture already completed against it. It is the STE-0268 that needs to be reversed once the link is fixed.

Ok. Here is the screenshot for that record. (I was wrong about the number earlier)

Here are the 2 Production Orders in the list that are affected:

Let me know if we need more information.


run this command at Mysql terminal after selecting the database.

update tabProducation Order set amended_from=‘’ where name=‘PRO-00766-1’