Can I run ERPNext client on the same machine as the server?


Im thinking of buying a laptop and installing ubuntu and erpnext on it. I was wondering if i can use that same laptopas my client to access the server? will it put too much stress?

also any recommendation on what laptop i should buy?


will it put too much stress?

Depends on how many transactions you post.

How many users will use your ERPNext instances? when will they access?

If its just you or very few users, then you can manage with a laptop.

Otherwise laptop is generally not the right hardware to run any enterprise application.

To add to what Basawaraj says…
I have a backup machine on a laptop which is only 4GB, 2 core (atom CPU) running EPRNext on debian 9 as both server/user. It manages quite adequately with <10 users on the system (although we run a very small setup).

Your biggest risk on a laptop would be losing it, along with ALL of your financial data - very very very NOT recommended

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if say i wanna upgrade my system from laptop to a NUC how easy is it to transfer it to the nuc. is it as easy as install fresh from the NUC both ubuntu and erpnext then transfer the db from the laptop to it?

the easiest way for such an operation is to run ERPNext either in a virtual environment like a machine or a container (LXD/LXC or docker). That has also other benefits (like being able to take snapshots of your System) to it.

If your OS is ubuntu your can look into Linux Containers for containers or KVM/QEMU for spinning up a virtual machine.

However, if you plan to expose your ERPNext instance to the internet (instead of only accessing it through your local network) there is more to it then a mere installation to ensure your server is save against hacking. And if your are not experienced or willing to learn quite a lot about securing a linux server you may be better off with a hosted ERPNext instance.

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is the virtual environment a requirement? what should my laptop spec be to be able to host and access it on the same machine?

accessing the server only requires a browser right?

no, virtualisation is not a requirement, but has advantages (opinion)
yes, you can access ERPNext on the same machine

  • accessing the user interface of ERPNext … yes. Just a browser
  • managing the server and the ERPNext installation (updates, etc.) … via the termial/CLI

generally I think it would help to provide some info about your usecase scenario (How many users, How do they access ERPNext [local network, internet], etc.)

how many user: 1-2
they will be accessing erpnext through LAN. the shop doesnt really have internet.
available devices aside from the laptop would probably be ipad or smartphones but bulk of the usage will be from the laptop

can you also tell me why virtualisation’s advantage

kinda off topic but
is there like a dedicated client to access erpnext? or is there a way to make it if say I click on a browser(or an icon i created) itll launch the browser full screen or something. In short i dont want it to look like a browser I want to mask it as an application.

two things:

  1. snapshots
  2. easy to move to a different host
  • no dedicated client. browser is the client. For smartphones/tablet there exists an App, but as much I have heard with yet limited functionality
  • you can create a bookmark, or just put ERPNext as your start page

how strong should my laptop be to do virtualization

I agree with @vrms that virtualisation is very useful esp regarding snapshots before doing updates. They have saved my bacon a few times !

Nowadays you do not need that powerful a machine. You could use Virtual box if using Windows or Mac but if using Linux use KVM or containers as you get much better performance

what laptop do you guys recommend for this scenario?

  1. buy laptop with minimum 4GB ram
  2. Install with windows os (maybe)
  3. Install virtual machine, virtualbox, maybe
  4. Download erpnextvirtual (.ova), search on download page
  5. Run and … Done.
  6. Open in browser, chrome or explorer, maybe
  7. Go learn from try and error

Have a nice day :star_struck:

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