Can I select one company and then maintain its accounts; and then select another company and maintain its accounts


I have 2 accountants and 4 companies whose accounts they manage.

At a time one accountant manages 2 companies where he has to create sales/purchase invoices, journal entries etc. Now problem with erpnext he is facing is that he has to select company manually for each and every accounting entry he has to do.

Is there a workaround for this problem such as my accountant selects one company first and then enters all accounting entries related to this company; and then selects second company and then enters all accounting entries related to 2nd company.

Kindly try to answer I don’t want to have 4 different servers running one company each.

Thanks and regards.


You can create your separate User id, and default one company for each login id. - Company A - Company B

You can set userwise default Company from User Permission Manager.

Thanks for the solution. We will try it and see if solves our problem.

Just added a fix that will save the selected company for the session.

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