Can I turn off automatic Contact Creation?

Hi. I have a list of busines names which I’m importing as Leads. I was surprised to discover that the system (Version 13) automatically created a Contact record for each business I imported. Is there a way to turn this off?

Details –
I’m able to import the Lead but the automatically created Contact record ends up with incorrect names. For example, I upload a business named “North Pointe Construction” and it also creates a Customer with first name “North” and last name “Pointe Construction” – that’s undesirable and unwanted, so I end up having to manually delete those Customer records.

Disable “Autocreation of Contacts” in CRM Settings.

Hope this helps

I believe CRM Settings was introduced in v14.

CRM Settings is unavailable to me. It looks like CRM Settings is a feature introduced in Version 14 and I’m using vers 13. I’ve looked through the settings of other modules and didn’t find anything that might apply.

Is there perhaps another way?