Can i update frappe database to previous version?

Can i update frappe database to previous app is not working after update of frappe.i replaced frappe with previous version files but not working.


Even if you replace the older version of frappe, your database must have been updated to latest version.

  • Check in your private/backups folder If you have a database backup before you ran the upgrade. Backups are named with dates so you need to identify that was created before your update
  • If there is a backup copy, then copy it to other folder and then drop your site bench drop-site your_site_name
  • Delete the copy of frappe from apps folder and run bench get-app frappe frappe_repo_url --branch branch_for_which_code_was_working.
  • Create new site and then run bench --site site_name restore --force path_copied_backup_sql_file to install the older backup with running version of your app

Hope this helps :slight_smile: