Can I use ERPNext for my SaaS Startup?

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I came to know about ERPNext recently and how it could benefit me. Just a small confusion, can I use ERPNext for my SaaS startup?

Hi Gotham,

Yes you can.

You need an accounting software. Then you need a way by which you raise periodic invoices and ensure that you stop service in case you are not paid.

You probably need a close integration between your SaaS stack and your accounting software (ERPNext) so that the stop/start of your service can be effected without involvement/intervention by people.

ERPNext plays extremely well to all of these requirements.

In fact Frappe Techologies (the company and the prime instigators of Frappe the framework and ERPNext and not to be confused with Frappe framework on which ERPNext is based) uses ERPNext for their own accounting (yes ERPNext is that good :slight_smile: and has achieved integration with Frappe’s (the company) SaaS offering - FrappeCloud (which actually is ERPNext), and I will let somebody from Frappe (the company) add further on this thread. Unless of course it’s all a trade secret in which case I will continue to share my opinions with you recklessly.

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Is required to share source code for every single user?