Can I use MySQL instead of MariaDB?


I am getting my server ready to deploy ERPN on the server. However, this server also will be used together along with other applications.

It runs on LEMP stack. My concern is, can i use MySQL database instead of MariaDB for ERPN?

I just don’t want unnecessary problem to have another database application in the server just for ERPN.

@blackfriday We made MariaDB a requirement because MySQL lacked microsecond precision at that time. You can try if to use MySQL >= 5.6, however we don’t officially support MySQL. Also, we might use a MariaDB feature in future. So it is better to stick with MariaDB. In fact, MariaDB should play well with your other software, as it is compatible with MySQL and provides a much more stable InnoDB implementation called XtraDB (by Percona).

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Ok, got the point here.
What i want to know is, can MySQL co-exist with MariaDB in same server? Will there be any problem later? Any special tips on having both database on same server?

@blackfriday you will have to search the web about this. We don’t have any experience in running both databases.

You can check this link MariaDB coexist with MySQL - MariaDB Knowledge Base.

It has been a while since this question was asked.

Just checking if anyone has been using MySQL instead of MariaDB for their setup. If so, did you face any issues?

With the correct versions, there are practically NO differences between them