Can I Use Serial & Batch Bundle to Display Info from Related DocTypes?


I have asked for help and greatfully received a solution for this for v14 but the new Serial and Batch Bundle (SABB) feature in v15 means this solution no longer works.

Does anyone know if/how it is possible to get related information from one DocType to another, probably best via SABB?

I want to add a custom field to Purchase Receipt Item when the item arrives and is submitted. This item generates a batch number. I want to display the custom information from the Purchase Receipt Item on the related Batch record.

Only the SABB record seems to be able to link these two, as the Connections for Purchase Receipt/Quality Inspection etc. don’t link to the original Purchase Receipt. Only SABB does.

The Batch DocType has links to the Source Document Name but that does not link to the child table directly, only the Purchase Receipt.
The SABB, in the Reference tab, has the Purchase Receipt name in Voucher Number field, and the row id for the Purchase Receipt Item child table in the Voucher Detail Number.

Is there a way to use the SABB link to enable the custom information captured in the Purchase Receipt Item field in the Batch DocType?