Can not access site via localhost after running let's encrypt


I’ve a production sites on a local server. It’s network config is a static public IP and I’ve pointed a domain zone name to that IP.

Now, before I enabled dns-based multi-tenancy or ssl encryption using "let’s encrypt’, I could access my site using localhost. Now, whenever I try to access the site via localhost, I get “Sorry! We will be back soon”.

I can access both my sites using the domain names from another network and everything works fine. I can even access the sites from the server itself using domain names. but I can not access the sites using from other PCs from the same network as the server.

I changed the site1.local name, then enabled multitenancy and then used ssl encryption command. I’m not sure, in which point I did something wrong.

It is interesting to me that, when I can access the sites using domain names which points the public IP, but I can not access them directly using the IP.

Can anyone guide me what to do?

ERPNext: v12.1.3 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.13 (version-12)

You enabled multitenancy based on domain name. That means

  • ERPNext tries to match the domain to your site.
  • If you don’t use the domain, there is no matching site.

Thank you for your response.

That means, I need to access the sites using the domain names. Okay. But why can’t I access the sites from the same network where I can access it from anywhere else.

I checked the firewall and other settings on the router configuration. There’s nothing preventing the network accessing internet or other sites.

Can you enlighten me on this please?

Dear @rmeyer
I have resolved the issue configuring the router and network settings again.

Thanks a lot.

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Dear @fnrfarid

Am getting the same error. Can you tell me the configuration in router and network settings.

It’s been years, I honestly can’t remember that specific use case and Frappe/ERPNext have evolved a lot in past years.

I think it’s best you follow a complete setup guideline recently posted by someone for your server which you can search in this forum.

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