Can not change customer currency?

Today, our frappe cloud version is updated for multi-currency. I have following issue, can anybody please guide.

  1. I can not change customer currency ( Company currency and default receivable account is already set)


Have you created Debtor account in the Customer’s currency? If not, please check following help link for instructions on the same.

One you have created Debtor/Receivable account in the Customer’s currency, then you will be able to select the same in the Receivables Account table in the Customer master.

Note: If transaction for this customer already exist in the customer’s default currency, then you cannot have receivable account in another currency. You should create new Customer for the same, and then customize currency in it.

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@kolate_sambhaji just pushed a fix to not set party account currency by default.

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@umair thanks for useful information, its just warning message, after that customer is automatically saved and I am able to do Quotation

@rmehta thanks for fix, I will wait till you update cloud account.