Can not change item's UOM


I tried to change the template UOM, I can not because one of the variant was used in a transaction.

I tried to change an item variant UOM. But I can’t because item was already used in a transaction.

I tried to make a new item with same attribute to apply new UOM. I can’t: the attribute is already used by the first item.

the question is: how to change an item variant UOM?

thanks for your help


Once stock ledger entry is created for an item, it’s UoM cannot be changed. May I know with this UoM you want to replace current UoM? Will that affect current stock level of an item. If not, perhaps you can consider rename existing UoM.

Hello @umair,

I want to change from Nos to Pair. It won’t change stock level. For now I have 100 on stock, labelled Nos. I want that 100 to be labelled Pair. (eg Pair of needles).
How can you rename, where? the rename option is not inside the menu for UOM. And renaming UOM does not seem to be an option, because all other items that are Nos will be labelled Pair and they are not pairs.

i think you can use “stock entry” choose Purpose “Repack”

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Try to Stock->Tools->Stock UOM Replace Utility

hi @IrVaitkevicius
in v7 Stock UOM Replace Utility is depreciated.