Can not create variants with multiple variants

i created an item with Has Variants option, and selected Colour and Size attributes, after that when i click create Multiple Variants button, nothing happens and produces error in console;

Original Image Link:

Hi @meraki,

We checked so our side worked properly.

# Version
ERPNext: v14.23.1 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.35.0 (version-14)

Please check it.

Click on Multiple Variant

If not update the site and update it and check it.

Thank You!

i tried with different browser, but no hope same thing, can not create multiple stock.
what should i check?

Create Variants button is not active!.

Please update your version and then check it.


My setup is broken i guess, i cannot update, it produces errors. I will create another topic regarding this. thank you.

i deleted frappe_bench folder, supervisor and frappe user, then startover installing Erpnext, i did not install any version, i think it install latest version, but nothing changed, i faced the same error again.

here is the version;



Is the Frappe v15 released or still in development? Perhaps try using the stable v14 branch.

Hi @smino ,

There are many ways to install Erpnext, so i come across one of them, and tried that.
can you direct me to proper one!


The installation instructions here can be tried

If you are comfortable with containers, try:

There are other methods that contributors in this forum have posted as well. The term Your Mileage May Vary , coined by one of them, should be kept in mind.

You could try bench switch-to-branch version-14 frappe and see if the current setup can be made to work.

i tried official documentation before and failed many times, so i decided unofficial guides one like this;

i could not find any proper and good installation guide to for real world example.

i will try again.