Can not do Bench Restart (WARN: Bench is installed in editable mode!)

Hi ERPNext Family,

Recently I have been constantly facing this error when installing the ERPNext on VPS or Local, and I do not know what caused the problem, sometimes I re-installing the system again and the problem is solved.

Note: Everything is working well, even I can install apps normally.

Please any help or advice to bypass it.

Hi @ERP_Implementer1,

Originally, there was 1 method to install Bench. You would download it from GitHub using 'git clone'. Then you would ask Python pip to perform an editable install.

In March of 2020, the maintainers decided to publish Bench to PyPi. By doing this, people could install Bench just like other Python packages (pandas, Flask, Django, etc.)

Many online articles and installation guides still mention the original way. This is okay. It still works. However, the Bench maintainers added the warning you are seeing. To remind everyone that the -recommended- way of installing and maintaining Bench, is via pip + PyPi.

If you want to, you could un-install your existing Bench. And then reinstall using the new syntax: 'pip install frappe-bench'.

But it’s fine to stay as you are ( I personally install Bench in editable mode every time)


Thank you for your quick response.

I have no problem with editable mode, and I already have many server in editable mode.

But the problem when I edit any thing in the files and I want do bench restart, I cant …!!

sudo supervisorctl restart all

You can use this command also.

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Is there any way to start using bench restart.

I have been trying reinstall frappe-bench and Install it again, but not working.

no such bench restart command, bench start is for developer mode, after bench start, your changes to python file will be auto reloaded, no restart needed at all.

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