Can not reach system settings

I want to reach the system settings. Unfortunately it is impossible. I am working in Erpnext as cloud version and my account have admin rights. Every time I want to reach the system settings I gets redirected to the homescreen. I do not get any failure message or something else. Does anyone have the same problem and can help me to solve it?

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Hi @HelpMeToGetWise,

If you are the System Manager, please check the access rights in Role Permissions Manager.

Then reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) and check it.

Thank You!

Was already checked and rights are given.

You selected the Support Setting, not the System Setting.
Please check your image.

Sorry, wrong screen shot - but the settings are the same and all right.

path like

Check it.

I get this message after trying your tipp.

This is interesting, because in the doctype overview I can see the system settings doctype and I can reach this doctype within the build option -

but I can not reach it - I get back to the homescreen again after clicking the button.