Can not save after create/edit workspace

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v13.19.0 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.19.0 (version-13)

I wanted to add Blanket Order under the Buying Module.
so I go to Workspace via the awesome bar and add a new row for that linked to Blanket Order doctype. but when I finished there was no save button on the page.
I tried to refresh but the workspace was reverted back to like before.

Any solution for this? or is there any other way to add new link on the cards? I don’t want it to be a shortcut.

thank you

Create New Workspace and check Extends Another Page
and Select Buying in Extends Field
then any thing added to this new workspace will be showing on Buying workspace.

Hi, Thank you for the reply.

It kind of works. Though not as easy as editing directly from the link card that was available in our testing environment, which is now in the staging environment this feature is gone.

but yea, your solution really helps. Syukron, akhi…

Anyway, since filling up the title on the new workspace is not working, how do I change the title of the new card that is shown on the target Workspace? it always shows “Link”


You can add Card Break and give it the label you want

ah I see…
It works perfectly now. Big thanks @amadhaji