Can not see other domain to activate them

Hello All, Kindly assist me in getting the domains visible so that i can activate them. i do not know what i did wrong just to choose only the services domain. See picture below…

Do i have to reinstall it? Or does anyone expert know how i can fix this without going back. Thank you in Advance. I am a fresher.
Kind Regards.

@utesar72 run bench-migrate command once and then check this page

Hello NikhilK,
It did not solve the issue. The command should be bench migrate.

I even tried bench build , because there was an another notification of : 'postcss.plugin was deprecated. Migration guide:
PostCSS 8.0: Plugin migration guide—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog.
and after there was no change i d tried ‘bench build --force’ and then reboot , but still no domains visible.

Kind Regards