Can not upload bulk stock reconciliation list via excel sheet (No reaction at all by the system)

Any help for non-developers.

How do you mean “no reaction”? Have you tried reloading the page? What does it say in Background Jobs?

I tried reloading. Did not help.

I get this message:

Uncaught URIError: URI malformed
at decodeURIComponent ()
at Object.get_string (desk.min.js?ver=1518084373.0:9059)
at form.min.js?ver=1518084373.0:3236
at Class. (desk.min.js?ver=1518084373.0:841)
at HTMLButtonElement. (desk.min.js?ver=1518084373.0:5226)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js:3)
at HTMLButtonElement.$event.dispatch (report.min.js?ver=1518084373.0:3020)
at HTMLButtonElement.r.handle (jquery.min.js:3)

To split up the import, to reduce the bulk may work -
Data upload file limited less than 25kb - #3 by Witton
Crash when uploading large files - #4 by clarkej

Try to import around 1000 items.

Thank you!
I tried to upload only 50 rows; did not work. Any other recomendations?

When you say x number of rows will not import - if even one row will not import then there’s your problem

hey @Denizbay,
in version 10 the data import tool seems to freeze at “In Progress” when the background job related to it fails (in my experience). like shown below: (is your problem similar? )

in case your situation is similar follow the steps below. To help you get details of the problem:

  • Go to background Job (Just about Logout)
  • check what is the status of any jobs shown
  • Also, tick the “Show failed jobs” checkbox and look for failed jobs.

if you find failed jobs please share the trace and relevant screen shots of the error.

I got the same problem. I’m not sure what is wrong, but it works with other CSV file.


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You are right, Special characters causes the trouble. I just removed the special characters and it went file.

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