Upload Stock reconciliation URIError

when trying to upload a file on Stock Reconciliation the URIError - Uri malformed is shown …
I have tried the file by removing all items but one “JOELHEIRA COM ORIFÍCIO PARA RÓTULA L” and the error is shown but if i remove “Í” and “Ó” from the text it goes.
I could see during debug that if i do decodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(escape(atob(a)))) instead of decodeURIComponent(escape(atob(a))) it works.

This the same error like the below post

Seems issue related to unicode. @adityahase could you please confirm if it’s an issue, so that we could move it to Github.

I have solve the problem
its related to Unicode utf-8 and the error happen when editing CSV file in Excel 2016 ( some how Unicode changes in background)

i am using Libra office instead and its working very well like charm

The csv file changed automatically to ANSI encoding for me. I opened it in Notepad and saved as by setting the encoding to UTF-8.

It worked thereafter.