Can Password be set at Signup?

Can password be setup at the time of website user signup? A simple yes or no would suffice for now.
Can someone help with this please?

I’m assuming you mean when someone is signing up directly from the site:

In this case when you enter the details (Name, Email ID), the system sends a verification email to set the password and log in.

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I mean setting a password at the startup page itself. Not after getting the verification email. I wish to know if this is possible in the current system without changing anything major in the system.

Maybe post a screenshot of this page to clarify the context?

Can some please answer this question plainly ? Is it possible to set password during signup without having to depend on a verification link being sent to your email ?

Having worked with backend of ERPNext and Frappe lately (disclaimer: I’m not a developer/programmer) I belive this can be done with a few lines of codes.

Because there is password field in the User doctype. And definitely there is a method to handle this password assigment.