Can Payment Terms Hit Only ONE Line Item?

Hi guys,

I am having some difficulty with our Payment Terms in a Sales Invoice. Our progress billing works like this:
25% deposit when placing order
50% progress payments (typically 5 - 10% payments over the course of the manufacturing process at specified checkpoints)
25% on completion prior to shipping

This is easy and we have a template set up just for this. However, a new problem is arising as we structure or terms a little different. The total price that these specific Payment Terms should be tied to is the overall price for the product, not including Installation & Delivery. We charge for Installation and Delivery separately. This Delivery & Installation fee should not be a part of the Payment Terms as this is not included in the price of the product as it is its own separate fee.

So, if I put Delivery & Installation as a separate line item it increases the grand total and the Payment Terms are now changing to reflect the additional amount of the Delivery and Installation.

What I need is the 25%/10%/25% Payment Terms to ONLY hit the cost of the product, not the grand total including the Delivery & Installation. Then I have a separate line item for the Delivery & Installation with a separate payment term specifically for the Delivery & Installation.

Is there a way to tie Payment Terms to one or more SPECIFIC line items in one invoice or do I just need to create a whole new separate invoice just for Delivery & Installation?

Sorry it this was confusing and thanks in advance!

Payment terms are designed to be applied to the grand total, and there is no way to use it at the item level (automatically).

Options you have

  1. You can manually add payment terms with the amount pre-calculated (it can be based on the amount as opposed to invoice %).
  2. Create different documents.
  3. Use custom scripts to achieve this (would automatically calculate point 1 above).

Thanks. I think we are just going to print a separate invoice for Delivery and Installation with its own terms. We were hoping to try to get it all on one invoice but it will be much easier to just use two.