Can PHP form be accessed from ERP?

hello everyone, let’s say i have a PHP form which i want to gain access to from ERP , but if i put for example in customize form a new row, i name it phppage, i set it to read only and i put in display default this line…
<a target="_blank" href="page.php">pagebutton</a>
if i press on pagebutton the php form will be downloaded but not open due to it not being hosted on a webserver so i need to put that php in nginx location in /var/www/html/ but then how is it possible for me to access that page from ERP??

Please explain a bit more detail what you would be doing with a PHP form.

I would prefer you do as much as possible within Erpnext.

Erpnext uses Jquery, so you can add custom javascript to post your form to your PHP handler.

NOTE: If you sending requests cross domain, you will have to use something that will accommodate that requirement : javascript - jQuery AJAX cross domain - Stack Overflow

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i have 2 PHP forms which i wrote , some tables with measures , let’s say when you do sales order and you check some products , these products will be deducted from the stock , so it connects to ERP DB , and it shows these results it’s like more of a visualization my problem is i don’t know how to connect inside ERP to the PHP the form is being downloaded and not open to view the table like it downloads the source code as stated above…
is there a way to access the PHP inside the ERP ?? and i’m using it locally on my machine

already fixed this one by creating the form, installing apache server , using https too, accessing it via ip:port, to access a view outside erpnext but linked to the db.
anyway now it’s all in erpnext which is better, we were only testing it .