Can Product Bundle or Items handle each box management?


I am exploring ERPNext5, and i have some questions relates to Stock, here is my scenario,
a) Customer purchase two items in one order:
200 boxes Passion Fruit
100 boxes Dragon Fruit

b) Both fruits are in “Product” category.

c) On each boxes, i am using Tracking Code, Example:
Box 1 of Passion Fruit has code “1PF”
Box 2 of Passion Fruit has code “2PF”
…to box 200 has code “200PF”

Box 1 of Dragon Fruit has code “1DF”
Box 2 of Dragon Fruit has code “2DF”
…to box 100 has code “100DF”

d) Each box has standard variants such as Name, Description, Barcode, Dimension, Weight, Image, Note, …

My first questions are

  1. Is possible to create an Customer account which will be used by Customer to login and track their purchased products/items/or order/invoice? Very basic permission and could be customize.

  2. Is the “Website User” and “Module Access” answer for above 1) question?

  3. May ERPNext item could cover d) ?

Thanks a lot.


Replies below.

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that’s great.
I am testing these features and will get back to you then.

Thank you.

I’d like to update the results accordingly your advises,

  1. and 2)
    Yes. Check:

bz: Correct. The shopping card + Website user type could answer my questions.

  1. Using Serialize Inventory.

bz: Correct. This one could handle my inventory as my need.

There are some issues i am having with “website user”, the “Modules Access” features doesn’t work perfectly.
a) Sometimes website user couldn’t login, until i update the password after making adjustment on Module Access.

b) Modules doesn’t appear under website user account although they are already enabled.
Or they don’t even disappear after i unchecked the module for the “website user”.

c) How could the “website user” type see the list of serialize inventory/item, especially all of items with serial number which was added by “Stock Inventory”

I have pulled the upgrade today inside my erpnext folder by using # bench update

Thanks a lot.