Can production plan be precised to hour and where to see actual start time?

when i create a production plan, it is always show a date, how i plan the production to 10am of a date? and i plan it to a date, actually i start the production plan on another date, where to check the actual start time?

Hi @RoyHu:

Start and End real datetimes are in related workorders …

Hope this helps.

thank you, that’s help a lot. do you happen to know the other question, how can i make a production starting from 10am at certain date, or automatically the plan following the previous plan end time?

Starting/ending workorders is managed by manual action …

Check manufacturing workflow here:

Hope this helps.

@avc , it is very kind of you to answer me, my thought is:
i make a production plan from 4 sale orders(4 products) for the next two weeks, i want when i save/submit the production plan, system will arrange a planned schedule automatically for me, for instance, product one start tomorrow and end after two days, then start the product two days later,… product four, instead of following picture starting all products in the same time. is that possible?