Can Purchase Order List View Show All Associated Purchase Order Items?


Problem I have is that some suppliers don’t always include sender info, due to multiple sources they use to fulfil orders. So you can know what the item is but not who sent it, and rely on someone knowing it was expected.

Is there a way to make the Purchase Order List view that you could see all Purchase Order Items instead? Or can a child table like Purchase Order Items be displayed as a List View?



Please follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Report View:

  1. This will change the view as below. Click on Three Dots and click on Pick Columns.

  1. Click on Three Dots and click on Pick

  1. Select the required columns from the list you want to see and click on submit.

  1. You will able get your desired result as below:

  1. Click on three dots and click on Save as to save the report for future use.


Divyesh Mangroliya


Thank you very much, a useful trick to know.

Now if I can get this to a portal view…