Can Salary Slip be integrated with Journal Entry?

Kindly guide me if i make a salary slip is it possible when i save that slip its relevant employee’s salary ledger is updated??? means a Journal Entry is also posted with the submission of Employee Salary Slip ??

Currently the salary slip is not integrated in erpnext but you can check

I have created a doctype in my app wherein we pull all the salary slips in the doctype and then the document on submission would post a single JV

We generally make around 100 Salary Slip in a month and their payments are done in 3~4 transactions so we make 3~4 salary slip payment docs and submit them and there is a automatic JV posted for those Salary Slip payments.

you can also check the v7 branch which is compatible with v7 as well on my app

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Sir, i am looking this but got 404 Page not found. please share if you have any alternate link.

This is a very old thread, and the way to do what’s being describe here is to use the Payroll Entry doctype. That will create both salary slips and attendant journal entries.

Payroll Entry creates a Payroll Payable transaction. Once the salaries have been paid through bank/cash the payable entry is cleared. This solution has been there since V11 I think.