Can someone help naming series in Batch

İ tried everything also open developer mode and edit batch doctype. İ also tried every title about naming series in discuss forum. everytime system gives random batch no.
can someone help me, i want straight going batch numbers but i cant.


When you have set auto generate batch number in Item master, the system generates unique batch number by itself. I don’t think naming series applies in that case.

thanks, but is there any way to go batch number +1 +1 +1, random batch number is totally useless. is there a way to edit codes in py files to make this more useful?

is batch id and batch number different things?

Were you able to find the solution?

We need auto batch number but we need Expiry date mandatory for every batch.
So Auto Batch creation will not help. if we keep expiry date mandatory.

Yes i was found a solution. I posted it to forum about 1 years ago. You can search my posts. If you cant find, iwill give you a link

Found it.
Link: Please add enable option to batch naming series