Can the discount given be included in the GL entries in Sales Invoice creation?

I am new to ERPNext… I created a sales order and gave one of the items a discount via Discount and Margin. After submitting the Sales Invoice, I checked the GL entries it created and showed me the following:

AR 100 (Debit)
Tax 10 (Credit)
Sales 90 (Credit)

No entry was created for the discount I gave. Is there a way to make the GL transactions reflect the discount given? This will enable the Accounting team determine the discounts given just by checking the GL. Entries may look like something like this:

AR 100 (Debit)
Discount 20 (Debit)
Tax 10 (Credit)
Sales 110 (Credit)


Go to Selling Settings and under Transaction Settings, check on Enable Discount Accounting for Selling

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Hi! Thanks for the reply. I went to the Selling Settings but unfortunately I cannot find the Transaction Settings. Maybe I’m a bit lost being new in ERPNext, can you please guide me further. I am on ERPNext v13.0.1.

Update to the latest version first, this feature wasn’t present in v13 initial release.

This is available in v14

for v13 go to Account Setting, Under Transactions Settings, check Enable Discount Accounting

Please Note I am running erpnext 13.35.1

For ERPNext v13.0.1, this may not be available


Thanks! I will check it out.